Border Honey is a family business located in north-east Wales. We manage 300 honey production colonies in tandem with our specialist queen-rearing operation. Our focus is on primary production, Queen Bees for sale UK bred, and operating as a bulk honey supplier.

Our honey farm base is a former traditional smallholding, now home to modern purpose-built premises for honey extraction and processing.

Providing products and service for beekeeping North Wales, Beekeeping Shropshire and Beekeeping UK. All of our bees are home reared and we primarily use Buckfast bees UK. If you're interested in buying queen bees please enquire.


Our founder, Alex, is well-connected within the British honey and bee farming industry.

His close involvement with the Bee Farmers’ Association (BFA) and the Food & Drink Wales Honey Cluster means that Border Honey is held in high regard. 

Bee Farmers Association, Queen Bees For Sale, Bulk Honey Supplier, Buckfast Bees UK Bee Farmers Association, Queen Bees For Sale, Bulk Honey Supplier, Buckfast Bees UK

He provides specialist consultancy services for other businesses in the sector.

'The completion of this activity will help us enormously in taking the business forward. We can say, without hesitation, that both the face-to-face discussions and the report have met the objectives we set out when we started the process. It is really helpful to talk issues through with someone who has already been where we plan to go, in terms of business development. We now have a much clearer view of what we need to do to achieve our objectives and the options for achieving the results we want to see.' 

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