Why buy from us?

We are dedicated producers; we are not resellers

At Border Honey, we supply premium-quality Buckfast UK queen bees reared in Great Britain from the finest breeding stock. 

Our queen production activities complement our honey farming operation. The queens we sell are the same as we use ourselves in our honey production colonies. We stand by their quality.

To source our breeding stock, we have partnered with one of Europe’s leading contemporary Buckfast breeders, Ivan Nielsen (Himmerlandske Bier), based in Denmark.

We supply both professional and hobby beekeepers; all our customers receive the same excellent service. Queen bees for sale UK bred.

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We have found Buckfast bees UK to be the most suitable for our honey farming needs. Our bees are required to thrive and to be productive in a diverse range of conditions - from lowland arable farms to upland heather moors. We find these bees gentle, resilient and easy to manage, also being prolific honey gatherers - even when conditions are less than favourable.

Colonies headed by our Buckfast queen bees are a pleasure to work with and exhibit the following characteristics:

  • good temperament
  • low swarming tendency
  • superb honey gathering ability
  • resistance to disease
  • calm behaviour on the comb

These qualities make them versatile and equally suited to both the commercial bee farm and small-scale beekeeping contexts.


For UK queen bees production purposes, we introduce new, naturally mated pedigree breeding stock each season, sourced from our supplier. This ensures our customers benefit from continuous improvement within the parent breeding programme and that genetic variation is maintained.

The production and development of our queens is carefully managed to ensure optimum results. Our British mated queen bees are naturally open-mated in a secluded setting on a large country estate. Groups of select colonies for drone production are maintained in strategic locations surrounding the mating site to give maximum control of the drone population. This helps maintain consistency of quality and preserves desirable characteristics. Shop our UK queen bees today. Targeting beekeeping Shropshire, beekeeping North Wales and the rest of Great Britain.