Further information

Queen availability and supply

Mated queens are normally available from May until September.

You can order queens through our website. 

By placing an order, you are accepting our terms of service.

Orders are accepted on a provisional basis and do not constitute a contract to supply. We will send a payment request by email approximately two weeks in advance of shipping. Prior to issue of a payment request, you are under no obligation to purchase and are free to withdraw your order at any point by contacting us in writing by email. Orders cancelled by the customer following issue of a payment request are subject to our refund policy terms. 


We accept payment only through our website. Queens are not dispatched until full payment has been received. 

Orders containing multiple batches will be billed in full prior to the first shipment. Should you wish to pay for batches individually, please place a separate order for each batch.

Order dispatch  

We will do our best to supply your queens in your preferred allocation week, but we cannot always guarantee this due to circumstances outside of our control. We do not accept liability for any consequential loss if we are unable to supply, or if there is a delay in supply. 

Should there be availability in advance of your preferred allocation week, we may contact you to discuss early supply, but you are under no obligation to accept your order ahead of time.

Queens are not dispatched until their health and vigour, post-mating viability and laying pattern has been assessed.

Queens are inspected and caged on the day of posting.

It is our responsibility to ensure queens are suitably packaged and sent to arrive at the delivery address in good condition. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the package can be received at the delivery address at the time of delivery. Responsibility for the care and condition of queens transfers to the purchaser on delivery or the first delivery attempt made by Royal Mail to the delivery address.

For queens collected by prior arrangement from our premises, responsibility for the care and condition of these queens transfers to the purchaser at the point of collection.

At the purchaser's risk, queens can be kept safely in their unopened cages for a few days after arrival/collection if it is necessary to delay introduction. Keep the queens in a cool dark place and provide a droplet of water once or twice a day. 

At all times, queens should be kept in a well-ventilated area, out of direct sunlight and extremes of heat or cold.

Dead on arrival

Packages should be opened and the contents of each unopened cage inspected immediately on receipt. We will replace queens which we have supplied and which are dead on arrival if this is reported to us by phone or email as soon as practically possible on the date of delivery (or first delivery attempt). Alternatively, if we are unable to supply replacements, we may offer a refund. We may request dead queens are returned to us in their unopened cages and original packaging for our inspection, prior to shipping replacements. 

Queen introduction

General care in handling of a queen prior to and during introduction to a colony is the responsibility of the customer.

Introducing a queen into a colony is not always successful. We are not responsible if your queen is not accepted and is killed, or is otherwise lost or goes missing prior to, during or following introduction.

If you are unsure, please seek the guidance and support of a suitably experienced beekeeper.

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